Seven Great Musicians You Might Have Forgotten About

  1. Thomas Dolby- Famous for his song ‘She Blinded Me With Science’, released in 1982. He was considered part of the ‘new wave’ pop/ electronica genre of the 80’s, however his works very greatly. The strage vibes that are associated with him is always there though. Check out his single Hyperactive, or his albumns The Flat Earth, Aliens Ate My Buik, A Map Of The Floating City. These are my favorites but he’s created a lot more.                                   
  2. Chumbawamba- Best known for the song Tubthumping or ‘I get knocked down’, they are a spectacular example of british punk. They show their strong progressive ideas often. Feminist, Socialist, anti-war and racism, they are a very culturally-centered band with anarchist overtones. My favorite songs are Amnesia, Homophobia, Tianemen Square.                                           
  3. Beck- Best known for his hit single Loser, which started out as a joking experiment with his random rap, and his albumn following called Odelay. Beck is a great experimental/ alternative rock artist. He is quite a vertuoso and multi-instrumentalist. His work varies from a alt. rap to blue grass. Personally, I suggest looking at his earlier works MTV Makes Me Want to Smoke Crack, or Banjo Story.
  4. Frijid Pink- Best known for House of the Rising Sun, they are a great ’70’s multi-genre band. They were so popular after the song debuted that Led Zepplin, just starting out at the time, opened for them. Some other great songs are Rainbow Rider, Music For the People, Portrait.              
  5. The VaporsBest known for their song Turning Japanese, released in 1980, was thought to refer to masturbation. They were another new wave pop band. They only released two albumns which were pretty different. The first was more social issues- focused and the second was darker and more psychotic opening with a song about the cult leader Jim Jones. The band split after ’81. Some of their other song include the one mentioned above, Jimmy Jones, News At Ten, Magnets, and Somehow.    
  6. The Gorillaz- Most commonly associated with their song Feel Good Inc. Beginning as a musical project in 1998, the band is personified by 4 main animated characters: 2-D, Merdoc, Noodle, and Russel. They are anternative rock/ dub-type hip-hope band. Very origional. They use everything from rapping to orchestral to choirs. They often move to critisize public icons in subtle ways. They have lots of great songs, though most of my favorites are on the albumn Demon Days. Other than Feel Good Inc., I like Dare, Clint Eastwood, Kids With Guns, Rhinestone Eyes.                     
  7. Jason Mraz- Hey! Remember his song I’m Yours? The one a bit back that everyone was obsessed with? That’s one of his most popular songs, obviously. Now Jason Mraz isn’t exactly a forgotten artist, we just haven’t heard as much from him lately. Not after the obsession with that song, anyways. He is a pop rock artist birthed in Virginia. He is quite the hipster. Being a vegan, health-consious and charity- consious. My personal favorite songs are: Geek in the Pink, Wordplay, Beautiful Mess, The Remedy.                                      

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