My Favorite Nail Designs

 This is just a fun and funky nail design that obviously took HOURS of work. I wish I had the patience to get this done.

 This is just really cool and brings back good memories of spring. Just awesome. Though the face she’s making is a bit scary.

 I really love all old 8-bit games and all the remakes. This one just puts a smile on my face. 🙂

 This one’s just funny as hell. And the tongue is sorta gross…

 Cute and simple and happy.

This one is just a cute, very chic twist on the french tips. I absolutly love them!

 Very pretty almost-oriental-looking floral design. Great fall colors.

 So, think I’m really loving this mod design. It could go with anything bright and funky. It’s just really geometric and cool.

 This is the sexiest one out there!

 Like the spring flower design, this is another amazing and very impractical design. An ‘under-the-sea’ theme.

 And one for the upcoming holidays! 🙂



One comment on “My Favorite Nail Designs

  1. theavonfairy says:

    I especially love the Christmas ones… Tis the season and all lol

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