Just A Few Rockin’ Shoes For the Soul

Shoes can be considered a top contender for what makes up a stylish outfit and maybe even personality.  Having a fresh origional look can help you feel as such. But you already knew that. Here are just a few cute and amazing shoes I’ve found that may be worth taking a look at.

 These are super vibrant, fun boots with a cloth interior and plastic covering on the exterior. They are very durable and great attention-getters. I actually have a solid lime-green pair of these but I really like the floral pattern.

Simple and adorable. You could wear this with absolutly anything.

Honestly, who couldn’t love anything floral? Also, any slim shoes resembling dance shoes are fun and casual.

Moccasins of any kind are cute but these in particular are like slippers with a very thin sole. Very very comfy.

Made with leather, cloth, and plastic. Perfectly appropriate for any event, casual or formal. Get ready for some of that attention you’ve been starving from!

These aren’t bad either…

Simple. stylish, and warm as all get out! They are leather on the outside and wool on the inside. All black, slim, comfy, all around neat.

 Guys, decorative boots such as these are a must-have pure and simple. Any guy who would wear these is a keeper.

 I mean, c’mon! How cool is that?

 Another variation of the dance shoes but sparklier.

 Saddle shoes and any variation thereof rocks. Period.

Lastly, I will leave you with this amazing invention that anyone would kill to have. I’m pretty sure it’s just a stero made to look likea shoe, but you can’t really tell. Maybe it’s just made for giants.

Anyways, I hope you liked the shoes and maybe have a sudden urge to go splurge on shoes for the upcoming holiday.

Peace, Love, and Happiness.


The Sun’s Up and I’m Still Awake- My Introduction

Hello blogging world! This is my first post on this site. And as I stare out my window at the cresting sun, I can faintly see a reflection of myself in the glass. The reflection looks dead with striking dark circles cupping my eyes and a heavy mouth too tired to move. I have just gotten home from a spectacular  Black Friday adventure around a usual insane shopping plaza.

Watching people on this day created and fed by some mad-man marketing schemes allows us to sit back and watch the horrors of  ‘peopleofwalmart.com’ come to life before your eyes. It’s the perfect time to do character studies while people are in their true human forms and don’t care how they seem. The conversations I overheard and the numerous buttcracks I’ve witnessed this morning could last me a lifetime.

But I digress… I wish to share with you what should become of the blog. It will include many things of life that will keep you trembling. Trembling with excitement, laughter, outrage, and happiness, just as life does. And I intend for it to be a slice of life that will just encompass many things. I will try my hardest to include pictures of neat things such as uncommon accessories and pretty (or ugly) things, I will try to get lots of information on cool things you may not have heard of or give you an opinion if you have, such as movies, bands, events, ect., I will try and give funny tidbits, random facts, art, EVERYTHING! This slice of life right here, it’s gonna be a pretty big slice. So sit back and enjoy the wonders of spontaneity (or not(and if not, then let’s argue about it. I believe that every valid point that can be argued should so a broad perspective is gained)).

That’s all Folks! Time to make some sleepy tea and get to bed. Peace, Love, and Happiness.